SD Rewards

Shopping with StyleDemocracy just got better! With SD Rewards, you can now get exclusive perks every time you make an online purchase. 

How It Works 

1. Create an account. Use your email to create a Shop.StyleDemocracy account — it's that simple. 

2. Start earning rewards. The moment you create your account, you'll start earning SD Rewards. You'll earn rewards by completing certain actions — like following StyleDemocracy on Instagram or liking StyleDemocracy on Facebook — and on every purchase you make. $1 = 10 SD Rewards. 

SD Rewards can be accumulated for larger discounts (% and $) off your future purchases. Some exclusions may apply*.  

SD Rewards Discount Value** 
2,000  $5 Off  
4,000 $10 Off 
6,000 $15 Off 
8,000 $20 Off


*SD Rewards are awarded on purchase amounts before taxes and shipping. StyleDemocracy reserves the right to add or remove products and/or services eligible for SD Rewards at any time. 

**Purchases must be a minimum of $25 before taxes to redeem SD Rewards. A maximum of 8,000 SD Rewards can be redeemed at any one time.